The benefits of practicing yoga for health in old age:

The benefits of practicing yoga for health in old age:

It’s nice to see older people take care of their health, because if they know how important it is to be healthy in order to prolong their life in the world, fortunately, today we see how yoga classes have increased in attendance. The elderly who understand the importance of the union and harmony of the mind, body and spirit and those who, in their prolonged youth, strive even more to find fulfillment in their lives. The practice of this discipline in the elderly brings with it many benefits, within which may be indicated:

Older adults gain more flexibility with yoga:

Flexibility is acquired with this discipline since different postures are made that consist of stretches of muscles, tendons, and joints. Older people tend to have little flexibility because the years have limited their motor skills and movements, so, the muscles soften and shrink, yoga helps to awaken the memory of muscles, making them stronger and resist, allowing this, obtaining the flexibility that was had at least 10 years ago. With greater flexibility the older adult will feel more active and agile, will also relieve any joint or muscle pain, the stretches will rearrange the muscles and tendons in their correct place, although at the beginning it may cost a bit, with constant repetitions of the positions will make the adult progress gradually.

Yoga for the elderly makes them gain balance:

Something very common, is to see our grandparents staggering from one side to another without reason, because the reason is that, over the years his body is losing balance, his spine is bent and makes it more difficult for him to keep his body erect, Yoga is fundamental to correct the problems of balance since the different positions achieve that older adults get their point of balance and inflection, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of their body and making the most of positive potential. Avoiding the loss of balance is something basic in older adults since they can avoid spectacular falls that can cause delicate injuries in the spine, legs, and hips, so, achieving body stability is a great contribution that makes yoga with the elderly people.

Yoga helps older adults gain mastery:

The mental domain is very important to preserve good memory, a very important issue for older adults, since, even yoga, helps to avoid diseases such as Alzheimer’s or any type of senile dementia. Yoga along with the meditation that takes place in their practice allows the adult’s mind to work and to establish neural connections. Support your health and get a 2020 medicare advantage plan at